Monday, May 28, 2012

Dwarf Engineer and a couple of Slayers

            I feel a sad that my blog lags weeks or mouths behind what i'm doing currently in the hobby. So i made up my mind to post more even if it might be just text, which felt inappropriate for a good while.

  Anyway here are some catch up pictures of the things in the title, with a bonus of  what i'm currently focused on. Which is sculpting the back ends of dwarfs.
(so i can expand and save) 
 I've been using the poor bound slayer as a musician for the 15 man slayer unit i run in my standard list.
     ( Look at him what else can he even do. )
 I still need to paint this engineer's backpack, but he doesn't really need right now.
 ( Well that seems to explain his occasional whiff. )
   Just a normal slayer, nothing more.

    (  DWARF BUTT!!!!!! )

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Catching Up: Goblins

Nobody can escape Orks & Goblins and they can be a nice distraction every now and again.
A horde of them came with the 7th ed. fantasy starter set, so i came up with a theme for them to keep them interesting to me. 

These goblins and troll come from the "Republic of GreenSkins", they saw the empires form of government and figured they could do better.
 The tribes that make up the Republic nominate senators to represent their wishes. 
Standard Ork &Goblin ways are used to obtain positions and settle arguments over politics, they do have a particular fondness for settling things with a shield to the head though. ( <-- started by a goblin no doubt. )

The theme is heavily inspired by the Republic of Rome. Each unit has similar colors to easily identify them.  The picture are from most recently painted to oldest.
The banner needs freehand but i have no idea what to put on it so it stays blank for now.
( I see a black horse on the right. ) [ goblin most of ate it. ]
                                                               ( ^ <---- Dat leer! )
( Brite orange is bright. ) [ Brite = Bright in English]
[ Trollololololololol ]
Happily named the flying troll. He stood in as a gyrocopter many a time. 
( He's a little crazy. goes well with his face being out of focus. great job there. )
i think i did very well with the cloth, considering i only used two colors.
( You just had to bring attention to that didn't you. ) [ What, What, in the butt. ]
First goblin i painted and i still feel satisfied with it. I also really like the model for some weird goofy reason.
( He rolls that way. )  
I've been painting goblin skin with only dark angels green and scorpion green. I feel it turns out very well if you water down the scorpion green and pull irregularly over the darker green where light would hit it. 
The dark spots crated by the irregular pulling help blend in the highlighting and create muscle lines.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blood Angel tac squad 1 is a rainbow

          This first blood angel tac squad is a rainbow of progression for my painting.
                     And i don't care for puking much, rainbows are cool though.
            ( it's going to take me years to finish an army, i plan for at least 5. I have models for 7, fuuuuuuuuuuu...)

 These first five were painted a year or two ago, i believe they are on here some where.
These next three are part of the new five. the last guys arms somehow didn't fit, so i gotta paint up another pair. <--- ( pair is spelled funny)

                   I have nothing to really say about the last two of the new five.

( besides the some pieces were primed white, and the others are jelly of their brightness. ) 

Monday, July 25, 2011

dwarf warriors and thunderers

I finished these guys months ago. i'm pleased with them for now. 
as for the shield warriors I posted so long ago they need to be repainted but that'll be another post.

I had an interesting time painting these guys. pics first since i'm happy with how they both  look. 
(mmm... delicious!) 
(oh yeah!)
besides my yellows separating at the time. (causing a lot of cracked paint on model action i must say.)  
    [It isn't as sexy as you might hope] Clever use of wash's help greatly with that. came out well in the end besides me having to paint a few arms over again.

I made the tile basing with green stuff. I still have one more dwarf warrior to base(till then he shall be untouchable on the table muhahaha...), i'll do that when i touch the green stuff again.
i like tile design for the basing. i think i'll use it for almost every dwarf. 
i'm thinking road way for the base theme. (should be fun.)

As for these thunderers i'm certain they helped me understand how i like to paint. 
Like the black lines in the cloth on the command. i feel i improved greatly when i finished painting  them. 
(oh my!)
I only have blood red so i'm pleased with how many shades of red have come across with only a few wash's and watered down chaos black. (The yellows are still not pretty by the way. lol)

The finished space marine tac squad will come next.