Friday, December 3, 2010

dwarf cannon and crew

A cannon a day keeps chaos away.

I'm probably gonna need more cannons.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Blood Claw's body just for you.(pack included)

Here's a pic of a space wolf blood claw's body that I finished last week.

He's from the older box set that contained 10 guys and used standard marine bits for the most part making him 5 to 6 years old along with the other 8 I still have.
The tenth was lost or stolen somewhere in late 2006 or early to mid 2007.

I still hate that fact as they were the first models I ever got.
And here's the pack before the repaint I'm doing on them.

The white power fist was not original and was moved to the Blood Angel jump pack Sargent the original chainsword will be on him. and i'm gonna try to liven up their poses.

I just hope they like the scheme as I don't want them nibbling on my arms and legs again.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Paper Chimera!?

OK it's card stock but it can still be a real shocker for some people.
I have three of them and they been in this state for some time. what can I say they are a mass murderer to cut out. but I have to finish and paint them at some point.
so some side work is in order for them.

Monday, July 19, 2010

some dwarfs and stuff

No excuses... need to get back into posting again.

So here is my dwarf warriors from the battle for skull pass.
I have painted the inside of the musician's instrument black after I took this picture.

I also recently bought a Tau devilfish, a dwarf warrior box and The lost Omnibus of the Guant's
Ghost series and i'm almost done with. I must say it was a very awesome read for me there's just so much ass kicking it blew my fething mind.

ya feth is part of vocabulary and has been for at least a year or two. so is gak but is far less used.

I guess this blog might sound a lot Dan Abnett like in the future. that might end bad but could be fun.
(disregarding evil plans brewing in my mind right about now.)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blood Angels army log#4

I must apologize for the lack of posts but I hit a rush point in my life and I had to cut something out so I could suffer for my own stupidity. Although it's a good thing painting has become a stress release for me.

lets get going shall.

First I'll cover the jump packers.
Well that covers the fourth and fifth members of the Jump Pack squad.

In a couple of days I'll begin to post regularly again with the Tac squads progress and some dwarfs, tau, and a secret project.

So you better be prepared.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

another address

Right now I'm 11 games into warhammer fantasy last Sunday was the 1500 point fantasy tournament. I placed 2nd. how could that be well first I took a very gun line dwarf army and It seemed to be my lucky day, but what I can tell you is that I had only one block melee unit which was hammerers.

Everything else was ranged except my rune priest(which hide must of the time) and a basic dragon slayer. So I had at least two melee units helping every thing else in combat and at most three. I faced night goblins, savage orks, and lizard men in that order.

The first and last game I won(night goblins and lizard men). I lost horribly against the orks. The tactic was simple for all three games weaken them with shooting than have hammerers with my thane eat them up. it didn't always work that way but at least the hammerers got into combat every game.

The reason this is so amazing to me is becuase mostly everyone in my gaming group has a few years of warhammer fantasy under their belt.

Anyway onto painting. It's has been slow progress but I have gone though a whole can of white primer and pretty much everything is ready for paint. It's just a matter of time tell I get enough time to start making a large amount of progress.

That's it for now so See ya next time.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The hobby address

So I said I would do this Friday but Friday isn't my best day so i'll make a regular segment on Saturday.

But that segment is going to be more than text. I hope to make it like a podcast, so the content would vary but I will probably talk about tactics( i'll also address IG tactics the first couple of times) and other small things.

Well as soon as I figure out how to put mp3 files on my blog and allow them to stream. Any suggestions or help would be nice.

But lets get to the address.

40k is going well with painting progress at a steady rate.

Fantasy is going quite different painting is a bit slow but I'm entering tourneys like a mad man in hopes of building my experience with the system.

Space Wolves- since i'm pretty much dropping them I woun't be doing much for them but I'm still holding on to my blood claws so I'll get them done and maybe a long fang pack too.

As for which great company they come from I decided Gunnar Red Moon's company is very fitting for my wolves.

IG- well not much progress on them but i am getting closer to actually making them my own. I just need a symbol for them as a whole. I'll continue looking for it though.

Blood Angels- getting there I'll continue to work fast and hard on them.

Dwarfs- slow but that is how it works when your full speed on another project but at least I'm getting lots of games in with them.

High Elves- white primer, that's pretty much what i need for them in order to make painting progress other wise they just sit on my painting table with my other projects.

Tau- With their paint scheme selected progress can now begin so i would expect some tau in the future.

That covers almost every thing I'm doing hobby related but I am doing some tradeing with a good friend of mine so I am going to have some really nice models soon.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blood Angels army log#3

Update time. check these guys out.

First the Jump pack Sargent.

RightAnd the finished Tac marine that was in the last post.
And that finishes this update but I am going to have a few surprises coming up. so stay turned
I'll sit down this Friday and talk about what happened this weekend that's going to have major implications on this blog. see you then.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blood Angels army log#2

Sorry for the late post but I was playing CoD4:MW again and I finally unlocked claymores any way here are the pics I promised.



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Much Modren Warfare

so I borrowed a friends copy of CoD:4 and I rather like it but it has eaten into my painting time. It's fine becuase I got a tac marine almost ready for decals and I'll probably post a pic or two tomorrow or Friday.

I also been to my second fantasy tournament this last weekend.

I played dwarfs but I came in dead last do to my hammers getting lost in the woods and in the last game running from a hellpit abomination(thanks terror they didn't even get to bust some knee caps) and some bad luck with my terror and fear tests.

I faced a dark elf army and two rat ones. the tournament being 1,000 points ment I had roughly 500 points in my thane and the hammers with the thane having 5 strength 6 attacts.

Even though I got massacured in each game I learned a lot and how I should take a rune of courage with the hammers.

The highlight of the tourney though had to be me almost taking out the entire army of the first rat army I faced. He only had a unit of slaves and half a doomwheel left.

The next fantasy tourney is 1,500 and the one after that is 2,000 with you being able to take any legal unit in the in your army just as long as you have the actual models for it.(time to bust out the Silver Helms oh yeah!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blood Angel army log #1

Today I'm gonna post pics of the first couple of BA jump troopers I have painted since 4th ed. 40k. there is a little back story to this but I'll just say that back then I found the army fun and that I still need an excuse to make a rhino stand on the back of its treads.

lets get to the pics then.



The funny thing is that I dedicated myself to this army before I heard about the release date of their new codex. I juust hope that the new dex keeps OCE so I can have fun with a rhino popping a wheelie

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome and enjoy the show

Hi, I'm the MurlocMage and this is a blog for my hobby of warhammer and anything else I feel like putting up here. I have traveled here from several well known forums although I have not posted a lot on the B&C those who know me probably come from Boot Camp(you know that IG forum few people know about). but i'm here to say hi not ramble about how awesome that place is, so keep your eyes away from your computer screen cuase I have a lot to post about for someone who likes to look back in time.