Monday, July 25, 2011

dwarf warriors and thunderers

I finished these guys months ago. i'm pleased with them for now. 
as for the shield warriors I posted so long ago they need to be repainted but that'll be another post.

I had an interesting time painting these guys. pics first since i'm happy with how they both  look. 
(mmm... delicious!) 
(oh yeah!)
besides my yellows separating at the time. (causing a lot of cracked paint on model action i must say.)  
    [It isn't as sexy as you might hope] Clever use of wash's help greatly with that. came out well in the end besides me having to paint a few arms over again.

I made the tile basing with green stuff. I still have one more dwarf warrior to base(till then he shall be untouchable on the table muhahaha...), i'll do that when i touch the green stuff again.
i like tile design for the basing. i think i'll use it for almost every dwarf. 
i'm thinking road way for the base theme. (should be fun.)

As for these thunderers i'm certain they helped me understand how i like to paint. 
Like the black lines in the cloth on the command. i feel i improved greatly when i finished painting  them. 
(oh my!)
I only have blood red so i'm pleased with how many shades of red have come across with only a few wash's and watered down chaos black. (The yellows are still not pretty by the way. lol)

The finished space marine tac squad will come next.