Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blood Angels army log#2

Sorry for the late post but I was playing CoD4:MW again and I finally unlocked claymores any way here are the pics I promised.



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Much Modren Warfare

so I borrowed a friends copy of CoD:4 and I rather like it but it has eaten into my painting time. It's fine becuase I got a tac marine almost ready for decals and I'll probably post a pic or two tomorrow or Friday.

I also been to my second fantasy tournament this last weekend.

I played dwarfs but I came in dead last do to my hammers getting lost in the woods and in the last game running from a hellpit abomination(thanks terror they didn't even get to bust some knee caps) and some bad luck with my terror and fear tests.

I faced a dark elf army and two rat ones. the tournament being 1,000 points ment I had roughly 500 points in my thane and the hammers with the thane having 5 strength 6 attacts.

Even though I got massacured in each game I learned a lot and how I should take a rune of courage with the hammers.

The highlight of the tourney though had to be me almost taking out the entire army of the first rat army I faced. He only had a unit of slaves and half a doomwheel left.

The next fantasy tourney is 1,500 and the one after that is 2,000 with you being able to take any legal unit in the in your army just as long as you have the actual models for it.(time to bust out the Silver Helms oh yeah!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blood Angel army log #1

Today I'm gonna post pics of the first couple of BA jump troopers I have painted since 4th ed. 40k. there is a little back story to this but I'll just say that back then I found the army fun and that I still need an excuse to make a rhino stand on the back of its treads.

lets get to the pics then.



The funny thing is that I dedicated myself to this army before I heard about the release date of their new codex. I juust hope that the new dex keeps OCE so I can have fun with a rhino popping a wheelie

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome and enjoy the show

Hi, I'm the MurlocMage and this is a blog for my hobby of warhammer and anything else I feel like putting up here. I have traveled here from several well known forums although I have not posted a lot on the B&C those who know me probably come from Boot Camp(you know that IG forum few people know about). but i'm here to say hi not ramble about how awesome that place is, so keep your eyes away from your computer screen cuase I have a lot to post about for someone who likes to look back in time.