Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Blood Claw's body just for you.(pack included)

Here's a pic of a space wolf blood claw's body that I finished last week.

He's from the older box set that contained 10 guys and used standard marine bits for the most part making him 5 to 6 years old along with the other 8 I still have.
The tenth was lost or stolen somewhere in late 2006 or early to mid 2007.

I still hate that fact as they were the first models I ever got.
And here's the pack before the repaint I'm doing on them.

The white power fist was not original and was moved to the Blood Angel jump pack Sargent the original chainsword will be on him. and i'm gonna try to liven up their poses.

I just hope they like the scheme as I don't want them nibbling on my arms and legs again.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Paper Chimera!?

OK it's card stock but it can still be a real shocker for some people.
I have three of them and they been in this state for some time. what can I say they are a mass murderer to cut out. but I have to finish and paint them at some point.
so some side work is in order for them.