Monday, May 28, 2012

Dwarf Engineer and a couple of Slayers

            I feel a sad that my blog lags weeks or mouths behind what i'm doing currently in the hobby. So i made up my mind to post more even if it might be just text, which felt inappropriate for a good while.

  Anyway here are some catch up pictures of the things in the title, with a bonus of  what i'm currently focused on. Which is sculpting the back ends of dwarfs.
(so i can expand and save) 
 I've been using the poor bound slayer as a musician for the 15 man slayer unit i run in my standard list.
     ( Look at him what else can he even do. )
 I still need to paint this engineer's backpack, but he doesn't really need right now.
 ( Well that seems to explain his occasional whiff. )
   Just a normal slayer, nothing more.

    (  DWARF BUTT!!!!!! )

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  1. Great work. The warriors are interesting, why are you making your own backs to them? The engineer looks great, I just think that perhaps the beard could have done with slightly softer highlights. To me it seems a little too bright of a contrast between the black and highlight.